More Men Needed In Foster Care

Even with the changes to our society and the way that roles are not so clearly defined within the family home, fostering tends to throw a spotlight on what it means to be ‘family’.

At Chrysalis Care, we have a broad mix of foster carer households, from married couples, older people, younger people and anything in between, single people and cohabiting. Single carer households tend to be female foster carers and even where there are two foster carers, the female foster carer can more often be seen as the ‘main’ carer.

Yet…take a glance at what is going on in society nowadays and it is abundantly clear that there is a distinct need for male role models; for men to be the example that children and young people need so that they can experience themselves in another and receive a balanced perspective of what it is to be in this world, to express their identity with confidence and a positive sense of self.

There are many children and young people who would greatly benefit from being in a single-carer household and Chrysalis Care welcomes and invites men to explore fostering with us. Could this be you?

Are you ready to be the role model that some children and young people so desperately need? Do you have the passion to help us to centre the fathering role and address the imbalance that currently exists?

If you do, please make contact with us, via email at; via telephone on 0208 2982800 or via our contact form on this website. We would love to hear from you and discuss with you how you could become a foster carer, with our comprehensive preparation, training and supervision and ongoing support on a 24-hour/365-day basis.

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