The Children’s Services Team

The agency’s children’s service works directly with children and provides placements with practical support, which also enhances placement success. – Ofsted, 2023

Chrysalis care Fostering London - The Children's Services Team

Our commitment to centralising the voice, needs, wishes and aspirations of children and young people led to the development of our integrated Childrens’ Services department, over 20 years ago. Childrens’ Services is a well-established and highly valued resource, providing invaluable support and invariably contributing to securing great outcomes for children and young people. Childrens’ Services support workers aim to help stabilise foster homes, working towards specific goals and outcomes for young people and supporting foster carers in their role, to successfully foster children and young people, who are very often experiencing trauma. Childrens’ Services enable us to respond to need, providing child-centred intervention, also providing a timely interim service, where statutory or other support is not readily available.

Examples of how we engage children and young people, via our ‘voice framework’, is:

  • Mentoring, advocacy and support work
  • Independence skills programme
  • Regular one to one consultation
  • A range of fun activities
  • Focus groups and sons’ and daughters’ groups
  • Care Ambassadors scheme, where young people contribute to recruitment, induction training and service/policy development
  • Transport
  • Contact supervision
  • Workshops and training, e.g.: first aid and gang awareness

We have created guides for children in foster care, to help them understand what’s happening.  These can be found by following the links below:

5 – 10 years

11 – 18 years 

Children with Disabilities Guide

Children's services events

Always striving to make good memories. Have a look and see what the children's services team, children and young people get up to.

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