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"Everyone is really friendly and you know each other like an extended family.' Carers summed up the agency as, 'This agency cares about the people who work for them. That's why I am with them."

In terms of work status, foster carers are deemed as self-employed, so it is recognised that foster carers have a right to freedom of movement between fostering services. There is a protocol and guidance which it is recommended be observed should you wish to move.

When there is no child in placement, the process is very straight-forward. The foster carer must give written notice to the existing fostering provider of their intention to move. The recruiting provider may begin an assessment once the written notice is given.  The recruiting provider will notify the existing provider of their intention to start an assessment and request a reference which should be provided within 28 days.

Where there is a child or children in placement, the foster carer must give written notice of intention to the existing provider and the Local Authority. On receipt of this notice, the placing authority shall convene a meeting of the placing authority(s), the recruiting provider and the foster carer.  The purpose of this meeting is primarily to ensure the continuity of care for children in placements and to minimise the length of time taken in the transfer process. The intention is also to ensure that foster carers do not suffer a loss of income as a result of the transfer process.

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Children receive care that is tailored to meet their individual needs. The matching process is effective in matching children with foster carers who provide them with high-quality care. This is also the case for families in parent and child placements. Children’s identity needs are well met by the agency. Ofsted, 2023

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