E is for experiences memories and milestones

A-Z of Fostering – E is for Experiences, Memories and Milestones

We are pretty BIG on experiences, memories and milestones at Chrysalis Care. Of course, after 27 years, we have many to recall and reflect upon and recognise their value in the story that is ‘us’. Many of our team – both staff and foster carers – have been with us for a long time, so reminiscing is something that comes easy to us.

We know how important these core experiences are and invest heavily in memory-making, through celebratory events, awards and regular get-togethers. All children fostered with us, are gifted a ‘memory box’, so they can collect memorabilia to reflect this time of their life – no matter how long they are fostered with us. We want children and young people to grow up with a strong sense of their identity and the many experiences that contribute to who they are, what they enjoy and what they have achieved – from school awards, to football matches, beach days and birthdays. Memory boxes can be filled with ticket stubs, cards, certificates, letters and photographs and can help to bridge potential gaps in a child’s life.

Whether for 6 months or 6 years, or even 16 years (!), it’s crucial that every child can look back at their time with us with a smile, that in spite of everything, some really special core messages were made and milestones celebrated.

Would you like to be part of creating a positive story in the lives of children and young people? Would you like to be part of the Chrysalis Care story?

To find out more, take a look at our FAQ https://chrysaliscarefostering.org/faqs/ call us on 02082982800; email us at info@chrysaliscare.org, or visit our contact us page https://chrysaliscarefostering.org/contact-us/ Our next blog related (F is for Fostering), may also help to clarify what it means to be a foster carer and support you in deciding if fostering is for you.

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