H is for Home

A-Z of Fostering – H is for Home

There are many questions that we are asked, at Chrysalis Care and some of them equate to common myths….this blog responds to one of them. The question of whether you need to own your own home (mortgaged) is probably the most simple to answer.

The short answer is, “No.”

The main focus for us at Chrysalis Care, is that children and young people experience safety, stability and nurture and although there may be some grounds to perceive owning one’s own home translates to stability, this is not the main priority.

Many foster carers are not homeowners and this does not prevent them from creating the type of home that we seek for the children and young people we care for.

With our experience spanning more than 27 years (!), we are much more concerned with the ingredients that contribute to the home environment….of course, we would need to ascertain that any home is one that can provide the sometimes long-term security needed, so we expect our foster carers to be settled in the place they call home.  This may be a house or an apartment and we will consider the suitability of each upon initial visit and also when we are considering which foster carers are best placed to provide the best possible care for each child.

Sometimes foster carers care for sibling groups, or children with physical and/or other disabilities and of course, their home needs to meet those very specific needs, in terms of space and accessibility. Sometimes, parents and children are fostered and this is likely to require a larger bedroom space, for instance, if the parent has their baby in the room with them.

As an Independent fostering agency, we work with local authorities to find the best possible foster family match for each child and home ownership is not our top priority, nor is it a guarantee of high-quality foster care. Chrysalis Care have a longstanding reputation and there are very few questions that we have not been asked.

Our FAQ https://chrysaliscarefostering.org/faqs/ is a great source of information for you, as you further your fostering insights and if you contact us, through our contact us page https://chrysaliscarefostering.org/contact-us/ call us on 02082982800, or email us at info@chrysaliscare.org we can answer any of your fostering questions. Have a browse through our blogs, as some others are addressed in these too and don’t forget to read our next blog in the A-Z of fostering series – its all about Introductions and sharing some more insights about who we are.

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