Its the little things

Fostering – It’s the “little things”

Aside from being an exceptional provider of nurturing foster homes for children and young people who really need them, there is another reason why Chrysalis Care have been successful since 1997.

Of course, abiding by legislation and regulation is important and there are many boxes to be ‘ticked’ in relation to vulnerable children and young people – no doubt about it.

Chrysalis Care are excellent at providing the all-essential stability that means that children and young people have the chance to experience making positive memories in a relaxed way, without fear of having to constantly change schools and become used to multiple family situations.

However, most often, it is what we do behind the scenes that really makes the difference…those “little things” that mean a lot.  In fact, those little things contribute much more to our success than they are given credit for!

“Little things” like, remembering birthdays and special events, sending flowers when a life situation is challenging, acknowledging fostering anniversaries and longevity, supporting with contact sessions and being there to support, when needed.  This week, we organised a ‘Shop and Drop’ session, for foster carers to be able to drop children off to a play session with us, so that they could go and do some Christmas shopping (or whatever). 

These little things give a really clear message that is important to us, as a family-run business for now more than 26 years – one that tells foster carers and children that we are there for them, in all weathers and all seasons and that our support is testimony to how much we value what they do in transforming the lives of children and young people.

If you want to explore more of the “little things” that make Chrysalis Care special, we would love to hear from you, call us on 0208 298 2800 or you can contact us at Or you can visit to find out more about becoming a member of the Chrysalis Care team.

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