Why foster carers are so important - now more than ever!

Are foster carers still needed?

Some people may be surprised to know how dire the need for foster carers is. Yet, for many years, there has been a shortfall, which with current economic challenges will no doubt increase.  Over the Covid lockdowns, referrals to some local authorities increased by 200%!

The Fostering Network report that over 70,000 children live with almost 56,000 foster families across the UK each day. This is nearly three-quarters of the 97,000 children in social care, on any one day in the UK. For most children and young people in the care system, a foster family can provide the stability and consistency they need.

Foster care provides children with a safe, secure and nurturing family environment, allowing them to keep in contact with their own families, if appropriate.

Of course, in an ideal world, Chrysalis Care would not exist…social care would not be needed. However, for all sorts of reasons, children and young people cannot stay with their birth parents and birth family. For all sorts of reasons, foster carers are really needed.

The Fostering Network estimates that fostering services across the UK need to recruit at least a further 9,300 foster families in the next 12 months.

At Chrysalis Care, we believe that the very least we can do, is to provide a service that means that children and young people are cared for to the highest standard. We do this by inviting people who have the heart for helping others to open their homes to a child who really needs them – perhaps that is you? 

Chrysalis Care was founded in 1997, by a husband and wife who had fostered for 15 years themselves. It remains a family-run business today, with two of their daughters Directing Chrysalis Care.

Our foster carers are well trained and well supported, with access to a 24 hour, 365 days per year support line, staffed by qualified social workers. They receive a comprehensive and varied training programme, therapeutic forum – to reflect on how best to meet some of the more complex needs and a support group, alongside one-to-one professional supervision.

Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and if you were to pick up the phone today, to ask whatever fostering question is on your mind, you would be met with a professional response. This is the foundation of Chrysalis Care’s 25 year-long success story and one we value and are committed to maintaining.

Alongside support for foster carers, we provide a children’s service, where children and young people receive mentoring, group activities and fun days out, amongst other things. We believe that an holistic approach works best.

If you are thinking of fostering, check out our website at www.chrysaliscarefostering.org where you will find information about the many types of fostering, which includes children with disabilities and parent and child fostering. You’ll also find a useful FAQ section and a contact form, if you would like to enquire further.

We would love to hear from you and would very much like to welcome you to our diverse team. If you’d prefer to call us, our number is 0208 2982800 and by email, you can find us at info@chrysaliscare.org.

As social and economic situations become yet more challenging, we anticipate a greater need for foster carers, so if you think fostering is for you, make contact today.

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