A is for attachment

A-Z of Fostering – A is for ATTACHMENT

In reality, no ‘list’ would ever cover everything related to fostering, even our FAQ.

We wanted to cover some of the core aspects, for those looking to explore fostering in more depth. Afterall, forearmed is forewarned and before embarking on your fostering journey, it is essential that you find out as much as you can – not just about fostering but also about the agency you are considering to foster with.

Chrysalis Care have been fostering children and young people and supporting their foster carers, since 1997, so we know a thing (or 26!) about the fostering landscape. We hope this and the other A-Z blogs will help you to navigate in your journey and of course, if you have any further questions, just give us a call on 02082982800 or email us at info@chrysaliscare.org.  Also, take a look around the rest of our website and our social media accounts to find out more.

Back to our A-Z….

A is for ATTACHMENT…the single most crucial understanding within fostering.  It wouldn’t take a massive imaginative leap to understand why.  Any child separated from their birth families will experience emotional and physical impact – it’s a part of being human.  These impacts can show themselves in subtle and obvious ways.  Add to the mix, being in a new environment, having to learn new ways of being, new norms and so on and it is inevitable that children and young people (and the adults) need time to adjust.  This isn’t just about having ‘bad’ experiences previously – because we know that children are fostered for all sorts of reasons but an understanding of Attachment can help to calm the waves.  At Chrysalis Care, foster carers are trained in Attachment patterns, theory and practice, so that they can provide the very best care for children and young people they care for.

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