50 reasons to foster…?

50 reasons to foster…?

We are currently posting to social media, highlighting to people many reasons – fifty to be precise –to foster. Foster carers and staff have been contributing their ideas, confirming what we have championed since 1997, that fostering really is something special!

Lynda and Lou Boden knew this, when after fostering themselves for 15 years, they went a step (or two!) further and created Chrysalis Care, so that other people could experience fostering in a supportive environment. They haven’t looked back and since then, have seen many children and young people experience the benefits of a stable home environment, whether for days, weeks, months or years.

We have testimonials for days from foster carers, telling us how enriched they have been since they began fostering children and young people and yet, in reality, you only actually need one good reason to foster….We have learned that the fostering why can help to keep you motivated in your fostering journey.

Perhaps your own children have flown the nest and you have space in your home and your heart to spare? Maybe you have been reflecting on your life purpose and realise that creating wonderful memories with children in need, is your calling? It could be that being made redundant has provided the opportunity to do something you have always wanted to – foster? You might be like some of our foster carers, who themselves were ‘in care’ and want to provide opportunities for children and young people, to “give back”? Perhaps you had such a wonderful upbringing that you really know the value of a stable start in life and feel you have all of the ingredients to give that to children who just need some consistent care in a nurturing environment…?

According to the Fostering Network, a child comes into care needing a fostering family every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes! They may be a newborn, a teen, a parent and child, a sibling group and due to the varying circumstances and needs that each bring, foster carers also need to come from all walks of life. There may be many reasons that you feel that you would not be able to foster (and we have a fabulous FAQ section and also some mini myth-busting videos to help with that) but our request to you today is to consider your fostering why because if you can get clear on that, we can help you with the fostering how.

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