Chrysalis care Fostering London - Why you need to make a choice to foster

Why we need you to make the choice to foster

About fifteen years ago, the preparation training for foster carers was called ‘choosing to foster’.  It has since changed but the old title remains classically apt.  Fostering is a choice….and it’s not a choice to be made lightly.  Fostering is undoubtedly a life altering decision….that’s why at Chrysalis Care we are clear that ‘transforming lives’ applies not just to children and young people but also to our foster carers, who when we ask them, vouch for that.  Our founders, Lynda and Lou Boden knew it too, so much so that they wanted to create an Agency that embraces and nurtures such transformation.  So…the choice to foster is the choice to transform and to be transformed.  And we need you to make this choice.

It may seem actively seek and recruit foster carers but without a rich pool of foster carers, we cannot offer children and young people what they need.  We need to be able to match children with fostering families….married, single, co-habiting…young, older….small, large.  We need people from all religious persuasions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and from all geographical areas across London and the Home Counties.  We need foster carers.  Always.  Without doubt.  Consistently.  Thus, we continue to actively seek them.  We are always ready to respond to an enquiry from a potential foster carer…because THAT foster carer may be the ideal match for THAT child…and that match may lead to transformed lives.  THAT transformed life may be one that may cease a possible legacy of inherited negative patterns.  So…we unashamedly urge people to make the choice to foster…always, consistently and without doubt.

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