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Three reasons why you should foster with Chrysalis Care

The process to becoming a foster carer takes some manoeuvring and definitely goes a long way to preparing people (as far as can be expected with any new venture), for the fostering role. However, before starting the assessment process, there is the task of choosing who to foster with. There are many Independent Fostering Agencies and Local Authority Fostering Teams….so upon what basis do you form your decision making? A generic search engine search would throw up many names and services and well, where do you start? Most will promise high quality, some will be Ofsted rated outstanding, all will most likely offer 24 hour on call. So, why choose Chrysalis Care?

Firstly, Chrysalis Care has a sterling twenty one year reputation. Twenty one years. That is no mean feat. You could say that Chrysalis Care has reached full maturity, having passed through the full range of developmental stages. By fostering with Chrysalis Care, you benefit from this priceless experience. Chrysalis Care know the highs and lows of fostering….they know the reality…because they have been part of the growth of fostering in wider society.

Additionally, Chrysalis Care is a family run business. There’s something extremely unique about being a family run business, especially when that business relates to developing nurturing families. In fact, many Chrysalis Care foster carers say that they feel like they are part of an organisational family. How wonderful is that? The founding Directors fostered themselves for fifteen years, meaning that their daughters who now Direct the organisation, grew up in a fostering environment. This experience is crucial, as it means that fostering is at the very heart of Chrysalis Care. It also means that eighteen years is actually thirty three years in the fostering world. Not many fostering agencies can say that!

Finally, Chrysalis Care have a fantastic Children’s Services department. This isn’t an add on, a fad or a response to what the government or Ofsted require. Chrysalis Care always wanted the child to be at the centre. Their experience showed them that this was best practice, so they set about developing Children’s Services very early on and the organisation has grown around this central service. Chrysalis Care ensure that children and young people have the chance to share their voice…and for everyone…. especially children and young people who are looked after, this is so important.

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