Chrysalis care Fostering London - The day I met my perfect foster carer

The day I met my perfect foster carer…

Chrysalis Care recently held their Annual Awards Ceremony and one of our Care Ambassadors gave an emotional speech about the day she met her perfect foster carer. Having previously spent time in placements where she was not happy, this was a wonderful experience for EK and it was a privilege to have her share it with us all.

Here’s what she told us about THAT day

“When I met A I went with my social worker and my granddad. When I got out of the car, A was standing at the gate. I looked at my social worker and looked at A and said “Is that ‘er?” During the meeting my social worker asked me to tell A what I do when I get angry. I said “I smash things, I punch walls and just lash out”. After all that A agreed to take me in.

I had that sense of belonging and I felt at home within about 2 days in. I was dancing around the kitchen. I felt like A got me, like she understood me so it made the placement work. Every day that passed I felt part of the family.

I think A is an amazing foster carer because her heart is in the right place and she’s dedicated to change vulnerable children and young people’s lives by bringing out the best in them. And I’m glad to say with the help from A, her previous supervising social worker, L, and CAMHS I have managed to work through some of my issues and I’ve been able to control my anger and temper a lot better.”

For EVERY child or young person in foster care, there is their perfect foster carer, which is why Chrysalis Care need a rich and diverse group of foster carers to make that perfect match a reality.

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