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#mythbuster: Too old to foster?

We have embarked on a campaign ‘not too old to foster’, which has been triggered by the many people who say ‘oooh, I’m too old now, I expect……?’.
In a timely fashion, we came across this article in a BAAF circular:
40 years of fostering and still holding the babies

John, 78, and Mary, 74, work as specialist foster parents to babies awaiting adoption. The couple tell Kate Hilpern that they have no plans to retire, even after 40 years of caring for children…
What a wonderful read and perfect testament to underscore our campaign.
We already know the value of the more mature foster carer, we have a few who we have approved and they bring a quality to our diverse pool which is invaluable. As we say in our editorial:
Chrysalis Care value the life experience and wisdom that older people can bring to the fostering role and some children and young people respond better and thrive more easily in family homes where they can settle down in a stable environment with calm, relaxed foster carers who are able to offer them their full attention.
With the airing of the TV programme ‘Amazing Greys’ and the inspiration this can bring, is it any wonder that people feel able to meet the challenge to foster in their later years? As we say in our campaign:
At the point of retiring, life is headed for change one way or another! However, plans of slowing down may be far from your mind and you may be preparing yourself for a new challenge.
Could that new challenge be to become a foster carer for Chrysalis Care?

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