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Growing children…is letting them go!

The role of the foster carer is awe inspiring. A significant factor in their role is in caring for a child and ensuring they feel a genuine sense of belonging and acceptance, yet also being ready to let go of the child when the time is right. That right time may not always feel right and may not always actually be right…it may be influenced by limited access to resources, or an unwelcome change in the child’s circumstance. If fortunate, the right time will be when the child is ready to move on; When they are ready to leave behind the part of their lives that has served them thus far; When they are ready to move on to develop the skills needed to make a potential future life change.

It is inevitably difficult for most parents or care givers to say goodbye to the life they shared with their child, especially when that life may have been a ‘colourful’ one. The overriding factor must have to be what is in the best interests of the child, hopefully with an opportunity to celebrate a new phase of their life journey.

Chrysalis Care work in partnership with the Local Authority, the young person and the foster carer, to identify these ‘best interests’ and to make a considered plan of action to make them a reality.

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