Chrysalis care Fostering London - Foster Care Fortnight 2015

Foster Care Fortnight – Children and Young People need you NOW

Even though there are 62,000 children living with foster families across the UK, it is estimated that a further 8,600 foster carers are needed this year alone (source: fostering network). 8,600! Could YOU be one of them? If so, Chrysalis Care needs you. Chrysalis Care is an Independent Fostering Agency, which has been running since 1997, so have the experience and knowledge, as Ofsted rated Outstanding, to help you to become a great foster carer. We are always recruiting foster carers because we know that in order to reduce the number of children who are in need of a loving home, we need to find people to provide them. To foster a child or young person, you do not need to be a special person (although it is an awesome thing to do). You just need to have a heart that cares for the wellbeing of others and knows the importance of stability and routine to the lives of children and young people. You need to want to make a difference to the lives of children and young people by offering a warm, nurturing home environment for them to grow within. Children and young people are fostered for a range of reasons, from loss of a parent or both parents, through to their birth parents being unable to temporarily or permanently care for them at home. Sometimes the child or young person has been abused in some way, sometimes they’ve witnessed domestic violence or may have fallen to the wrong side of the tracks themselves and become involved in the criminal justice system. They may be, or about to be, a young parent and need help and guidance to care for their child…so that the legacy of children being taken into care has a chance to be prevented. Whatever the reason a child or young person comes into care, they are in need of a stable home. This may be for 1 month or for 1 year or for several years…either way, it can mean the difference between a child or young person fulfilling their potential or not. As a Chrysalis Care foster carer, you will be trained to care for children and young people aged 0-18 years, from all backgrounds and circumstances. You don’t need to be married and don’t need a large property, although you do need a spare bedroom and plenty of warmth and space in your heart to offer a child or young person. There isn’t a specific age to foster, although you need to have a zest for life and be able to provide for the leisure and social needs of the child or young person that you care for. We offer 24 hour on call support and guidance and will support you every step of the way on your fostering journey.

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