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Caring for valuable children

It’s always sad for us when exceptional foster carers resign.  Our foster carers are who enable us to offer an outstanding service to local authority partners and nurturing family homes to the children and young people placed with us.  We spend time, energy and invest financially in a robust assessment process, before we approve our foster carers, so we have no intention of losing them once we have!  However, there are some times when a resignation is an undecidedly joyous event…Like in the case of the R family, who after fostering with us for a number of years, accepted a placement of sibling girls and then took the decision to adopt them.  In their closing letter to Chrysalis Care, amongst other things, they thanked us for helping them to learn how to care for such ‘valuable children’.  In a world where children and young people are labelled at a whim, it was a complete breath of fresh air to read about children being identified in this way.  Fostering isn’t always easy….but there is no doubt that it is rewarding.  There isn’t a typical foster carer but a positive mindset, a zest for life, a nurturing disposition and the emotional space for a child or young person is necessary.  Foster carers need to have a spare room and enjoy spending time with children, helping them to grow and develop, helping them to achieve their potential…..oh…and letting them know they are valuable.

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