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Achieving fostering outcomes through ultra gaming

It is well known that children learn best in fun and engaging environments and not least, through play. The same lessons that may be deemed ‘boring’ in traditional contexts, can suddenly come alive in new and exciting ways, via games. For children and young people who are looked after, perhaps even more so, where they may have missed out on large chunks of their tertiary education and may need engaging and person-centred approaches. In a digital age, where children and young people are comfortable with technology that can sometimes leave us adults flummoxed, what better way to educate, than through gaming apps?

Julian Hall, co-founder of Ultra Education, is about to launch a brand-new-first-of-it’s-kind game, intended to teach children and young people (and adults too!) how to navigate the entrepreneurial world. As a self-directed game, offers the potential to raise confidence and self esteem, where children and young people are able to decide which way next, rather than being told “this way now”.

When Chrysalis Care Fostering Agency heard about this new game, we could not wait to share the good news. Why? Entrepreneurship provides valuable life skills for children and young people and evidence wonderfully, remits around ‘achieving economic wellbeing’, with the potential for ‘making a positive contribution’. Combine this in a gaming format and it’s a fantastic way to help children to ‘enjoy and achieve’.

We felt sure that people in our wider network would also embrace this FREE resource and within minutes of watching the Ultra Education video announcement, took to blogging about it. We do hope you enjoy empowering children and young people to make positive and informed choices, via a wonderful learning resource. Visit  to explore more, before the official launch date of February 1st 2018

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