Chrysalis Care Fostering London-Endings and Beginnings

About endings and new beginnings…

Thank you to our Children’s Services Support Worker for 18 months investment in our children and young people. Here she reflects on how it felt to join the Chrysalis Care staff team, as she prepares to leave and begin a new phase in her own journey.


“On May the 5th 2015, I walked into the Chrysalis Care office.. the start of a new chapter in my life. I had previously only had one other job, as I left school at 16 and started working at a nursery at 17, right the way up until I turned 25.

I learned everything I know there, as well as gaining all of my qualifications. I started there as a teenager and left an adult.

Leaving the nursery was like leaving my second home, I was very nervous, emotional but excited too.

Thanks to the amazing and friendly team at Chrysalis Care, these feelings didn’t last long at all. They were all so warm and welcoming and straight away I was made to feel a part of the ‘family’. Soon enough, I was out and about meeting the children, young people and foster carers and getting involved with exciting activities and events.

I came to Chrysalis Care to offer my support to children and young people who may not of had a great start In life. I feel I have made a positive impact on those children and young people I have worked with and I have enjoyed every moment.”

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