Chrysalis care Fostering London - A dream to transform lives through fostering

A dream to transform lives through fostering

Chrysalis Care was founded by Lynda and Lou Boden, who after fostering children and young people themselves for fifteen years, decided to build an independent fostering agency that would transform the lives of children and young people. Lynda and Lou knew exactly what foster carers needed.  They knew the challenges, as well as the rewards and there was not much they did not know about being a foster parent. They both knew that they had a wealth of knowledge to offer other families who wanted to know how to foster child. The Bodens knew that fostering a child or young person in need, is a change-maker and set out to build Chrysalis Care upon this understanding. After almost twenty years, Chrysalis Care is still transforming lives.  Imagine the many years of experience and expertise that has been generated over that time? Experience and expertise that Chrysalis Care foster carers benefit from.

The seeds of  Chrysalis Care began in 1997, when LyndaBoden woke up at 5 a.m. with a compelling vision to transform the lives of  children and young people. She began her ‘to do’ list immediately, enlisting her husband, Lou, to help build Chrysalis Care.

Anyone reading this who knows Lynda, knows that she has nerves of steel and is not easily put off. Just as well….as to build a business that has stood the test of time is no mean feat!

Chrysalis Care started in two bedroomsof the Boden household in the South East, in a modest, yet functional environment …but the vision was much more than modest, it was magnificent.

Fast forward almost 20 years to 2016, with two of the Boden daughters as Directors and a fantastic team of Social Workers, Leaders and Administrative staff, Chrysalis Care is still going strong. The vision  Lynda Boden clearly saw in the early hours of that day in 1997, wanting to transform the lives of children and young people who are fostered, still holds true today, with Chrysalis Care being absolutely committed to their ethos of #transforminglives.

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